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We offer custom solutions so that you can choose with confidence.

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Surveillance Systems ​
Security Systems ​Commercial
Entertainment Systems ​

Enhance your home security with one of our easy to use, HD camera systems. Complete Wiring and Security (CWS) will customize a surveillance system that meets your needs and desires. No matter if you are traveling, buying groceries, or squeezing in a workout, we make it possible for you to monitor the activity at your home or business, with just a click of a button. No job is too big or too small, so give us a call!  More Info


Secure your home with a Complete Wiring and Security security system, for the peace of mind the whole family will love. Call us for a free quote.

Home Systems

Protect your business with a Complete Wiring and Security security system that covers it all to keep you secure and informed — from anywhere.


CWS is here to bring you the latest and greatest in entertainment. Whether you want music to flow through every room in your house, or to have your very own movie theater, we can make your vision come to life. We take into account audio, video, acoustics, seating, control and theme to provide the greatest experience possible. You’ll have full control of your entertainment with the push of a button.                        More Info

Entertainment Systems


CWS provides wireless and cable system design, installation, and project manage-ment services over the spectrum of data, voice, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies.     More Info

CWS Home and Building Automation controls the automation of lighting, heating (such as smart thermostats), ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and security. More Info


CWS can set your home or business with the ultimate networking solution. Our highly skilled technicians can get your secure system up and running in no time so you can get back to the things that matter.                                 More Info

Automation Systems ​
Networking - Home

CWS works with contractors to do all home automated wiring, including alarm systems and entertainment systems, while construction is going on to make the process as easy as possible. This way we don’t have to drill holes in your new walls!                                             More Info

New Construction



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New Construction

Special $22.50 for Public Servants such
as Police, Firemen, Teachers, and EMTs.


CWS believes  that through innovation, experience and technology, Acadian Monitoring Services will enhance quality of life by offering you a complete security solution for all of your needs.                                                            More Info

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CWS made it easy to get what I want! I was impressed with the install team and would definitely call them again for the next thing on my list. I'm going to get full home automation.

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